Text Revisions Finished!

With the manuscript back from the copyeditor, my editor emailed it to me to consider the changes and comments. I sent him my suggestions; he sent me his responses. And we did it again. And again. (It made me wonder what writers and editors did before the advent of email and high-speed internet connections.) I sent the all-but-final text to my expert reviewer with a plea for a quick turnaround. He obliged, getting it back within the day. And, he liked it! I made some small changes where he thought we could describe the wolfsnail’s doings more accurately. I sent the proposed changes to my editor. He sent me a cleaned-up version — with one more suggested change from his end. I agreed with the suggestion, but thought the line should go on a different page. He agreed. (Actually, he had intended it for the place I proposed, but in his haste had pasted in the wrong place.) So, voila! We’re ready for the designer to drop the text into the design file.

With no more book stuff to do today, I turned my attention to the jungle of basil growing in one of the containers in my garden. My mother was by last week and suggested that if I wanted to get a fall crop I should trim it back mercilessly. I did exactly that. The kitchen smelled of basil for hours as I trimmed, washed, and pulverized what turned out to be about 10 cups of basil. We’re having pizza tonight — some with tomato sauce and some with pesto sauce. I took this shot with my Nikon 50 mm F 1.8D inside on my kitchen table using available light.

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