The work on Wolfsnail: A Backyard Predator shifted to the publisher Boyds Mills Press about two months ago. My editor worked his magic on the text and now it is in the hands of the copy editor. The designer came through with a lovely design. So far, I’ve only seen a low-resolution pdf and I’m a little nervous about how my photographs will print. My editor put me in touch with the head of production and I learned a little more about what will happen to my digital files between now and the final galleys. We agreed that I would send her a print that her photoshop wiz would try to color match. She promised to pull an Epson proof of the photographs only so I could see how they print before we get to the galley stage. Meanwhile, for lack of anything constructive to do on the book, I am turning my attention to marketing. I am working with my design partner (who also happens to be my husband) on getting my website and blog up and running.

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