Family in England

I’ll be sharing a few photos from our recent (unanticipated) trip to England. We went to see a family member with health concerns.

 family in living roomThis is my favorite photograph from the batch. Richard’s Mom, Silvana, is just left of center in a green cardigan. She is flanked by her daughters Sophie (on left of photo) and Ariane. The young man is Ariane’s son, James. He is holding his daughter, Taiya. Richard’s Dad, Tony, is behind Ariane. Four generations!

Richard & T

Richard can never resist teasing a gigglebox.

R & S and cameraRichard brought his Canon C100 to show his mother some of the video stuff he’s been working on and how he does it.

Richard Sophie Eth and Harriett

We drove down to Illminster to visit with two of Sophie’s kids, Harriett and Ethan.


Tony Campbell.

3 Responses to Family in England

  • Julie says:

    These are beautiful shots full of memories. Hugs to all of you. Glad you are back home safe and sound.

  • Patty Crosby says:

    Good to see people who visually go back to your wedding–many years ago and since then are names without current images. The photo of Elizabeth in Tony’s picture is nice. (Sophie is misspelled in the photo with her children,)

  • Jackie says:

    Wonderful pictures of the family. We are keeping you and your family in our prayers.

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