Crosbys Honored with For My People Award

My parents, Dave and Patty Crosby, were honored this year with a For My People Award, given annually by the Margaret Walker Center. The award is given for distinguished service in the public preservation of African-American history and culture. This year’s other recipients were: Charlayne Hunter-Gault, who delivered the Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Convocation speech, and the African American Military History Museum.

with placque
I asked Roderick Red Jr., of Red Squared Productions, to photograph the event. In the above image, Patty and Dave are pictured with Robby Luckett, director of the Margaret Walker Center, and my sister Emilye, who introduced my parents for the award.
hunter gault
Charlayne Hunter-Gault gave a rousing speech.
stage group
The convocation ended with a rendition of We Shall Overcome, including the traditional hand-holding by the folks on stage and in the audience.

Several longtime friends and mentors were on hand for the event, including Worth Long.
And Roland Freeman.

patty taking pix
Patty couldn’t help but take photos.
em intro
Emilye did the introduction with verve and flair.

Hg and Reeves
Hunter-Gault conferring with Carlton Reeves, a federal judge, who delivered the closing remarks.
More friends.
carter and t and me
More friends.
For My People-8821
More friends.
And just a good comparison of our jawlines… Em.
…. And me.
I’ve said this on the blog before, but I’ll say it again because it never ceases to give me joy. Roderick Red Sr. and I learned photography side-by-side from Patty in the early 80s, and now I count his son among my friends and colleagues. Thanks for taking all the photos, Jr., you did a great job.

9 Responses to Crosbys Honored with For My People Award

  • Julie says:

    gorgeous shots, Rod!

  • Jackie Hayes says:

    So sorry I wasn’t able to attend but so happy that Patty and David were received recognization for all they have done.

  • Gustina Atlas says:

    Thanks for everything. Tyler and I were so happy to attend the convocation and award ceremony. We were so happy for Dave and Patty. They really deserve the honor .

  • Gwendolyn Lucas says:

    Mr. and Mrs. Crosby are wonderful people. I remember when I was in high school and college Mrs. Crosby would cook us homemade apple turnovers. She was also our adopted mom because we spent a lot of time with Jessica and at MS Cultural Crossroads.

  • Beth Batton says:

    Great photographs. Sorry I missed seeing everyone. Congratulations to Patty and Dave!

  • Jan Kingsley says:

    Sarah, Thanks ever so much for posting these photos. Your parents are the best and we count them among the most authentic, genuine people we know.
    Jan and Bob

  • Janine Bruton says:

    Gwedolyn above states that Patty was their ‘adopted mom” and I am sure that is so. Dave and Patty Crosby came to Mississippi 40 years ago and adopted the whole state and everyone in it no matter what age. They are still “adopting” people right and left and we are grateful for their uncommon kindness, willingness to guide and teach, and generosity of spirit. (and their bread and tea cakes)

  • Cynthia Patten-Barfield says:

    They deserve it and more. I am so happy for them. They have done so much for Claiborne County and the surrounding areas.

  • Janice Norton Law says:

    Congratulations to Dave and Patty – so deserving! It’s wonderful to see them receive this award. They worked so very hard in PG and touched so many in the process. Truly well loved and respected.

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