Spur of the Moment Corsage Making

At nearly the last minute, my senior son, Graeme, arranged to take a friend, Elizabeth, to prom. This left me with the unanticipated task of finding a corsage. I looked at one floral shop, picked up something that looked pretty old ladyish, and took it to the counter to ask: Is this all you have for corsages?

Is it for prom? the florist asked. Yes.

“All the girls want wrist corsages now. They’re over there — starting at $39.99.” Seriously?

I love Elizabeth. Been knowing her since she was a kindergartner. But, she’s a sensible girl, and couldn’t possibly want one of those ugly (to me) and expensive wrist corsages. So, on the spot, with about 5 hours until the prom, I decided I’d make one myself. Maybe even out of fabric.

Elizabeth and I have been working on a purse together. There’s a pile of fabric that she chose on my sewing table. With Pinterest, Youtube, and craft bloggers out there, I can do this!

wrist corsage

After I browsed the internet a little, I decided that the flowers in my yard would make a nice wrist corsage. I gathered the bits of ribbon I had on hand. I took a basket into the yard and picked azaleas of various sizes, and some hawthorn. I improvised a bow and started arranging flowers. The crisis came when I considered what kind of glue to use to hold it together. In the end, I used craft glue. I also sewed a few of the blooms in place. It was ready with an hour or so to spare so I put it in the fridge.

The next day when I asked my son whether Elizabeth was embarrassed because she had a homemade wrist corsage. No, all the girls are into that kind of stuff now. Yes!
E and G prom
Here they are together.
Here’s Graeme, being all formal.
Here’s Zaliyah, another friend who came over for photos.
all three
Here are all three.
campbells 3
Graeme with Richard and me.
Nichols 3
Lisa Nichols with her daughter, Elizabeth, and her son, Ryan. (Not picture are the two Yuans. Senior was working and Junior was running track.)

g and e as fifth graders

And because I just couldn’t resist, here’s a photograph of Graeme and Elizabeth on the day they finished fifth grade. They are pictured with Liz Sharlot, a spokesperson for the MS state department of health.

8 Responses to Spur of the Moment Corsage Making

  • Julie says:

    Lovely. All of it. Good times.

  • Patty says:

    Everyone looks wonderful and happy–not quite like I remember proms from the 50″s. The flowers look great on Elizabeth’s wrist.

  • You made a lovely corsage. The pictures are nice too.

  • Jackie says:

    Spring time and thoughts of proms and good times. The corsage is beautiful and so professional looking!

  • Rhoda Yoder says:

    Wonderful photos, every one! It has been special watching these two grow up and see them ready for prom!! Two of my “favorite” APAC students (out of several thousand favorites).

  • Kim Brewer says:

    Good job! Loved the pics, too.

  • barb schiltz says:

    Hey Sarah,

    What great fun being on your list of those who receive your pictures. How creative of you to make that beautiful corsage for a handsome couple. I can hardly believe you the mother of a senior/soon to be MIT freshman! Congratulations to you all. Barb

  • Emilie Dacunto says:

    Oh, Sarah – I loved seeing those pictures! I especially loved seeing them go from sweet fifth graders to poised young adults. Thank you for this post!

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