Letter From First Grade Teacher

Here’s another fun letter I found while going through my files. It is written by the teacher who taught me first grade in Evanston, IL, at Dewey Elementary School. She was writing after I (with my mother’s help, no doubt) sent her some sugar cane for her class in the year after I moved to Mississippi.
burr page 1
burr page 2
Late in the letter, she asks if I still write stories and poems. My reading lately has been full of questions about how our childhood experiences shape us and to what extent we are destined to become who we become. (Far From The Tree by Andrew Solomon and The Philosophical Baby by Alison Gopnik) It does make me wonder how much I was bound to be a writer and how much I became one because I was so encouraged in my writing from so early. Guess, it’s the usual answer. Both.

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  • Patty says:

    Do you remember the poem book ? Guess this letter is just more evidence that you did write early on–these letters and bits and pieces just prove to me that it is worth the clutter and boxes of stuff that you have kept and get to go through. I was just looking at a photo we took at Mr. Wilson’s with sugar cane in the background–which is surely where we got the sugar cane we sent.

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