Green Beans

The bean plants were covered with beans yesterday when Richard and I stopped in to take more photographs of the Jesse Gates Edible Forest. We picked some to take this photograph; we also picked a few hot peppers to add some color. My own garden isn’t so far along; I have a few green tomatoes and just-set eggplant, but the only things I’ve harvested are peppers and herbs.
green beansIf you want to see how the garden looked a few weeks back, see this post.

beans on vineThis is what these beans looked like a few weeks ago.

beans with blossoms


3 Responses to Green Beans

  • Patty says:

    What a great garden.

  • Loy Moncrief says:


    We also have blueberries that are beginning to ripen and blackberries, as well as plenty of yellow squash. I planted some okra that came up about a week ago. I just thinned it and pulled some dirt up around the plants. Thanks for the photos. You make things look good.


  • Jane Streets says:

    Awesome photos, Sarah, and awesome garden, Loy! Thanks so much to both of you.

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