Visit to Saltillo Elementary

4th grader looks at wolfsnailI spent two days last week at Saltillo Elementary School, visiting with all 4th grade students and leading a professional development session for teachers grades 3-5.

Everyone was very friendly and helped me work through a few technical glitches. Thank you, Maggie Dickson, fourth grade project director; Faye Bruce, librarian; Gena Yarbrough, district art specialist; Belinda McKinion, assistant principal; and Coke Magee, principal.

The students asked great questions, and were wonderful guides through the school as I made my way from classroom to classroom to sign books.

Once again, I brought along a wolfsnail and some prey snails. I also debuted the wolfsnail app in its trial format. The kids loved seeing the snail video.

Several teachers took the pictures I am posting here. Thank you.

Sarah reading Wolfsnail
students using private eyes
girl looking at rock
girl looks at wolfsnail
sarah campbell showing wolfsnails to saltillo students
students looking at wolfsnail app
teaching professional development
principal makes a book
teacher makes a book

3 Responses to Visit to Saltillo Elementary

  • Patty says:

    I will have to check out this particular wolf snail since it has been a while since I have watched a wolf snail in action–except on the app in its trial format–any word from Chris about the app?
    So glad the staff were able to take these photos so I can see the action.

  • Belinda McKinion says:

    Sarah is one of the most enjoyable artists we’ve ever had to visit our school since partnering with the Mississippi Arts Commission 5 years ago. The children and staff loved her presentations, along with meeting actual wolfsnails! Sarah’s photography is beautiful and profound. The teachers loved learning ways to incorporate photography in thier classrooms through exciting, challenging curriculum-based lessons. We hope to reschedule her again in the future to do some book making with the students. Thanks, Sarah–SES thinks you’re awesome!

  • scampbell says:

    Thank you, Belinda! I would love to come back.

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