More Photographs by Davis Students

pansy with shadowThis is my 500th blog post, a milestone I could hardly have imagined back in August 2007 when I launched this blog. Given my twin passions for teaching and photography, it is fitting that today’s post should showcase photographs by fourth graders I’ve been teaching. These images were all taken at the Mississippi Museum of Art in the Art Garden, using Kodak Easy Share cameras. If you want to see a photo displayed larger, just click on it.

If you want to read more about this project, check out this blog post by Elizabeth Williams, curator of education at the museum. Her post features photographs of students.

texture 1

bas relief 1


through the cheese grater

trunks and blue

texture again

flower sculpture

tree with fungus

lady buggrubantsmushroommushroom 2

4 Responses to More Photographs by Davis Students

  • Patty says:

    great shots. Always interesting to see what others see when they look through a lens.

  • Dave says:

    One question: did you crop these published photos? I have seldom seen beginner student photos with such an eye for composition. This is great work.
    Actually a second question: where are the sculptures they photographed? I’ve never noticed them before.

  • Sarah Campbell says:

    I did crop the photos. In many cases it was a very small crop just to conform the images to 4 x 6, which is how they will be printed. In some instances, I did a more extensive crop, using my “rule of thirds” overlay grid.
    The sculptures with the bas relief are on the north end of the garden, furthest from the museum entrance.

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