Jesse Gates Edible Forest October Work Day

On this sunny day, it was only Loy and me at the Jesse Gates Edible Forest at Wells Church. Lots of lettuce, herbs, and greens are growing! I brought home a huge bunch of lettuce for salads and two peppers.


The cabbages were beginning to head.


Loy checking the information tag for the cabbage.


This lettuce started from seed. It is showing out!


This is a purple top turnip. See the tiny bit of purple.

mesculin mix

Mesclun Mix. In a shadier spot, not growing as quickly.


We put down newspapers, wet them, and put pine straw and leaf matter on top.

pine straw

Loy moving pine straw into place.


Wetting it all down.


Forest lettuce with tomatoes, onions, peppers.

2 Responses to Jesse Gates Edible Forest October Work Day

  • Loy Moncrief says:


    The photos look great. It was fun working beside you. The weather was crisp and perfect. The labor was of love. Thanks,


  • Patty says:

    These are beautiful photos. The vegetables are so inviting. Thanks Loy for all of y our work in this beautiful garden.

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