More Fibonacci Folding Book Project Examples from Whole Schools

I’ve been posting for several days about my teaching experience at the Mississippi Whole Schools Institute. Here are some more examples of Fibonacci Folding Books made by teachers in the workshop I team taught with Julie Owen. Aren’t they amazing?
fib book1
fib book1b
fib bk2
fib bk3
fib bk3b
fib bk4
fib bk5
fib bk5b

fib bk6
fib bk6b
fib bk7
fib bk8
fib bk8b
fib bk9
fib bk9b

3 Responses to More Fibonacci Folding Book Project Examples from Whole Schools

  • Patty says:

    They are amazing–but just as amazing or more so is that you get the photos taken, dumped to your computer, cleaned up and then posted–all while re-entering your family life, hosing your older sister and preparing and helping pack for your family’s vacation!

  • Debbie says:

    YES! Amazing!! I love these. And I hope you are hosting your sister and not hosing her (I couldn’t resist, as the image is so funny!) All is well. Happy vacation! xoxox Debbie Wiles

  • scampbell says:

    At least once a visit, I have the urge to hose that crazy woman.
    You could make a great Fibonacci Folding Book with one of your photos. I bet you’d have a ball!

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