Mississippi Whole Schools Summer Institute

I taught this week at the Mississippi Whole Schools Summer Institute. Julie Owen and I teamed up to teach the Fibonacci Folding Book Project. I taught three other afternoon sessions and Julie taught her fabulous “Knit it, Solve it,” for the first time. You can see photos of our work on Julie’s flickr album here or here on my blog.

ct student takes photos

ct student2 takes photos

ct student3 taking photos


measuring and folding Fibonacci accordian books

writing Fib poem

teachers working on poems

illustrating book

illustrating book2

teaching showing MAC director Malcolm White

illustrating book3

example 1

example 1b

example 2

example 2b

4 Responses to Mississippi Whole Schools Summer Institute

  • Julie says:

    The teachers at WSI were amazing and inspiring! Our state has a lot to be proud of. I wish all of Mississippi’s schools could be Whole Schools. The teachers in the Fibonacci Folding Book workshop produced some beautiful and creative work. I look forward to hearing about their classroom experiences with this project and seeing some of their students’ books.

  • Patty says:

    Glad everything went so well. I agree with Julie–it would be great if all schools were “whole Schools”.

  • Sabrina Dalton says:

    Do you mind if I link your website in a powerpoint of professional development I will be sharing with the staff at my school at West Lauderdale Elementary upon returning this school year. I will have to share what I learned at your workshop as well as the others I attended. Great presentation and project by the way!

  • scampbell says:

    Certainly. We loved having you in the group, Sabrina. Let me know how the project goes if you use it at your school.

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