Jesse Gates Edible Forest in June

We stopped in during a workday at the Jesse Gates Edible Forest at Wells Church. We nibbled blueberries and visited for a few minutes with neighbors and other volunteers. You can see below how things are coming along. Remember, this is a partnership with the Mississippi Urban Forest Council, the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce, Wells Church, and Operation Shoestring.

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leaf on a bean plantI loved this bean leaf.
peachA tiny peach.
onionAn onion.
plumA plum.
fence work dayOur project director, Loy Moncrief, and volunteers, Jane Streets, Sheila and Bobby Robinson.

neighborSheila and Bobby Robinson.

watermelonA watermelon.
smaller beansMore beans.
One of the things dug up along the fence.

Sheila’s dog.

Operation Shoestring kids with sign

Kids from Operation Shoestring standing with Loy Moncrief, Jane Streets, and Star Pool. This sign will serve until a permanent one can be made. I love the colors!

4 Responses to Jesse Gates Edible Forest in June

  • Jane Streets says:

    Sarah, these are great! I love the produce.

  • scampbell says:

    Sheila says she’s got her eye on those plums. I’m waiting for the eggplant to do something. And, the blackberries and blueberries are scrumptious.

  • Loy Moncrief says:

    The photos are great. I am so glad to finally have fruits and vegetables in the garden, even if they’re very young. We finished clearing the fence row. We will go back and add dirt, till it up and put the straw back on top, then let it set until we get ready to plant something – probably in September or so. Joy Gates showed up after the photographers were there and helped for a couple of hours. It was a good day. We were remembering Keith and Pat and that whole situation. It was good to be at the church today.


  • Patty says:

    What nice photos and delicious looking fresh food.

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