Oldest Photographs from One Side of the Family

I am helping my mother and aunt with a family tree project. Both of them have been collecting facts, stories, and photographs on and off for decades. We think these are some of the oldest photographs we have in the family.
Bridget Healy Queeny Dillon
Thought to be Bridget Healy Queeny Dillon, who came to the United States in early adulthood. She was married to Mr. (?) Queeny and had two daughters. After Mr. Queeny died, she married Patrick Edward Dillon. Together they had a son, Richard Joseph Dillon, born on August 6, 1853, pictured here. Bridget is my great-great-great grandmother. Guessing young Richard to be less than two years old, it would seem this photograph would be from the late 1850s. Is this possible? Likely? Is it a daguerreotype?

unknown family memberThis is a photo of Catherine Weber. She is the mother of the first husband of my great-great grandmother, Clara Elizabeth Kraemer Otte (Gutting).
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  • Dave says:

    It can’t be a daguerreotype, because it is printed on paper rather than being a unique, one of a kind chemical image on polished metal. It could be a photographic reproduction of a daguerreotype.
    Late 1850s is easily possible for a photo like this, but it almost looks like mixed media: the child’s hair looks penciled in, and the woman’s hand has edges that appear far too sharply delineated. It may be a pastiche of some kind. It almost looks like a photo of the woman, with an image of the child superimposed on it and then blended in somehow!

  • Patty says:

    This is Catherine Weber 1850-1943. She married August Otte 1838-1912. One of their children was August H. Otte about 1883-1914. He married Clara Kraemer and they had Marie, Catherine (Patricia)and Joseph (Bud). August H. died at age 31 and Clara Kraemer married John Gutting. Their children are Margaret, Robert, Justin, Ann and Dolores. Margaret is my mother–so your grandmother Sarah. .

  • scampbell says:

    It is a strange image, that’s for sure.

  • scampbell says:

    So, Mom, this Catherine Weber is not genetically related to us, right? She is a parent of the Otte who was Marie, Pat, and Bud’s Dad.

  • Patty says:

    Yes. Not genetically related to us but as you say the parent of the Otte who was Marie, Pat and Bud’s father.

    Did you put this on facebook? Guess I could check but for the moment this is easier.

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