Behind-the-Scenes of a Self-Portrait

As promised, here is a short film Richard created from my self-portrait session. I hope you enjoy this window into my creative process.

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6 Responses to Behind-the-Scenes of a Self-Portrait

  • Dave says:

    Process? Hunt and peck? Trial and error? Guess and check? Sounds like the scientific method.

  • Patty says:

    Just another demonstration that there are different ways to learn–this was all too familiar–though you got through it and got a great photo.

  • Miss G says:

    I’m glad to be on your mailing list again. I have to view this again to fully understand. Thanks for sending it.

  • cella says:

    this is the funniest video i’ve seen in a long time … only b/c it’s like looking in a mirror! most folks may not get that one can be a fine photog of *otherness* … but setting up a shot with oneself in it is another ball o’ wax. i had such angst over my family reunion shot last summer (70 people) that my sweet bro offered to take on the task. congratulations on getting it done! love to your family ~ cella p.s. richard sounds like a love.

  • scampbell says:

    Thanks, Cella. Glad you enjoyed it. I was cackling, too.

  • scampbell says:

    Miss G. So good to have you back.

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