Christmas Collages

Much of Richard’s and my time leading up to Christmas was spent creating collages for my parents and sisters. We scanned dozens of my parents’ negatives (mostly Mom’s), cleaned dirt, and designed 18″ x 24″ collages. Here is Mom and Dad’s:

P & D's collageEmilye’s:

Em's collageJessica’s:

j's collageFor those of you interested in the details, we used an EPSON V600 scanner, which is outfitted with a special tray for scanning 35 mm negatives. I bought a pair of white cotton gloves and used Edwal negative cleaner to prepare the negatives. Richard used Photoshop to get rid of any remaining dirt and to manipulate contrast. He used InDesign to create the collages. He exported the images as jpgs and I took them to a local photo processor. We had custom mats cut at the art supply store and put them in wooden frames. Unfortunately, the only one we mailed arrived with the glass in a million pieces. (We had insured it so we’re getting a new one made.)

Richard is working on one with pictures of me. I’ll post it when it’s ready. We’ve had lots of fun looking back at our lives in the early 70s. So glad Mom took that photography class.

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  • julie says:

    They turned out beautiful! I’m sure they will be treasured. Can’t wait to see Richard’s one for you.

  • Patty says:

    Thank you both for all of the work and long hours. As a mom I am happy to see the three of you as little girls–curious, happy, eager etc. with your lives ahead of you. As a photographer I am delighted to see the photos cleaned up and printed using modern technology. As I have enjoyed photographic shows in museums and galleries I have often wondered how my negatives would look. Whether they would measure up. Now I know. Thank you.

  • scampbell says:

    I picked up another negative to scan today. We found one of me with a favorite (though broken long ago) blue bottle.
    Mom, I am having just as much fun as you are with all the photo stuff. We’ve got plenty of more fun to go.

  • Peg Fisher says:

    Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed the collages. I remember some of these photos. Brings back nice memories.

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