Story Time at Tisdale Library

Charles Tisdale Library Story Time
Audiences with a wide age range are always tricky. At Tisdale Library this morning, I had kids from age 2 to 12. And lots of them. I read Wolfsnail: A Backyard Predator. Then the kids examined some snails I found in my yard this morning and other natural objects that I carry around in a basket. I thank Anne Sanders, branch manager, for the invitation and for taking the photographs that accompany this post.

Charles Tisdale Story Time Wolfsnail
Charles Tisdale Story Time Wolfsnail
Kids examine snails
Sarah Campbell showing snails
natural objects
examining snails

4 Responses to Story Time at Tisdale Library

  • julie says:

    A huge crowd! Looks like the children were engaged despite the age differences. You also matched your sweater to the colorful floor!

  • scampbell says:

    I didn’t notice the sweater matching until I saw the photographs. What serendipity.
    I certainly had a big bunch of little scientists.

  • Susan T. says:

    I practically grew up in that library! That was my home branch for many years.

    You got a nice crowd there. Cool.

  • scampbell says:

    Yes, Susan T., the crowd was very strong. Staff from several day care centers (which include older kids in the summer) bring their kids regularly. I was very pleased.
    The space is so bright and welcoming, too.

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