Growing Patterns Goes to Church

Growing Patterns at Sunday School on Red Rug

I shared Growing Patterns: Fibonacci Numbers in Nature during the Sunday School hour at Wells Memorial United Methodist Church. I used to teach Sunday School to many of these children so it was great to be back among them with a new book. I read and then we examined some Fibonacci related objects from my basket: pinecones, shells of a nautilus, and a sand dollar. We used regular hand-held magnifying lenses and some Private Eye jeweler’s loupes. In the photograph above, taken by one of the teachers, the Rev. Keith Tonkel joins us for a brief discussion.

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  • Melissa Kelly says:

    Hey Sarah, I’m so sorry we missed this. Madeleine would have loved it, she just read your book last week for Summer Reading. But the VBS she was in this week was singing at their services today and I thought the least we could do for that many hours of childcare was show up and perform… Looks like it was fun. mk

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