More Snow in Jackson

We awoke to a beautiful blanket of snow. And it’s still coming down. Though we’ve already had snow this year, it is still rare enough to prompt whoops of joy from my sons. Of course, the joy has something to do with the fact that school was called off. They don’t really have the proper gear for this kind of thing so they never stay out for long. I went along with my camera because I wanted to get some pictures of the snow and of them enjoying it. I thought about calling the grandparents, but I thought I’d better let them sleep in. Stomping around in the snow in my boots (the ones I bought a few years ago to attend Writing From Nature in Honesdale, PA, in April), reminded my of childhood trips to Cincinnati to visit my grandparents. We borrowed gear from cousins had lots of fun.

G winding up to throw at D




We've Got to Call our Friends!

A View from the Back


5 Responses to More Snow in Jackson

  • Oh wow. Beautiful!!! 🙂 e

  • julie says:

    glorious fun. . . enjoy your day and photographic expeditions!

  • patty says:

    great snow pictures. The trip North I remember best is a trip to Kent when you all were older and had NO really warm clothes and mom had to borrow coats, gloves, hats etc from a friend of hers who had dozens of children so had extras of every size.
    I walked out the front door earlier to take pictures and found a pine branch across the walk to the porch that was weighing down the bushes so Dave got his shoes and gloves on and moved the branch and then began knocking snow off our bushes–hoping save them from breaking from the weight of wet snow. He just walked in with a bowl of Camellias and Nandina berries. Amazing. I am enjoying this as much as the boys. Now if the power holds.

  • scampbell says:

    Thanks, guys. I remember sledding on bin lids in Kent.

  • Irene Latham says:

    Love the pics! Winter wonderland here, too…. and just make your boys blond-headed, and you know what I’m looking at. 🙂

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