Monarch Tagging

monarch tagging-1323Richard and I went to the Clinton Community Nature Center on Saturday morning to learn about tagging monarch butterflies. Dr. Bill Stark, a professor at Mississippi College, led the demonstration. After a brief slide show, the assembled group tagged seven monarch butterflies that Stark had raised with his college students. They had rescued eggs from the recent laying period. Here are some photographs Richard and I took during the process. I captured six shots in rapid succession so Richard and G helped create a flash movie. See monarch movie on my website.

monarch tagging-1379

monarch tagging-1386

monarch tagging-1400

monarch tagging-1357

monarch tagging-1347

monarch tagging-1416

3 Responses to Monarch Tagging

  • patty says:

    I love the movie. Hurrah for technology and dsl. Why are they tagging butterflies? To learn for sure but to learn what?

  • admin says:

    If these butterflies follow the standard migration pattern, they will fly to Mexico. Sheila tells me that people look for the bodies of tagged butterflies and log in where they were found. She said they get paid a small amount for each one they find. Check out Julie Owne’s blog. There’s a link on my blog. She posted some links to the migration tracking sites.

  • Emilie says:

    I love the movie! I love your work, Sarah. You could add “naturalist” to your list of accomplishments.

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