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We think the tinkering is done. This logo will make its debut on the website sometime soon. Thanks for all the feedback. We’re happier with this version. One reason I’m working hard on the branding and marketing stuff is that the Mississippi Arts Commission deadline for mini grants is looming. As a roster artist I am eligible to apply for funding to help me advance my career; one of the things I can apply for is money to pay for marketing materials like bookmarks, postcards, and posters.
leaf veins-1158

Here’s another nice leaf we saw on a recent neighborhood walk. I am starting a new arts integration school project with McLeod Elementary School. I am talking with a fifth grader teacher and a support team about doing a project that will integrate the teaching of science objectives with digital photography and bookmaking. I can’t wait to get outside again with kids and cameras. You can read about last year’s project by clicking one of two categories on the right: Davis on the Map or Arts Integration – Photography.

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