Butterfly Emerges

blutterfly emerges-7336
Remember the caterpillars that were eating my parsley? One came back last night in the form of a chrysalis – my friend Julie had been caring for it. It emerged today sometime between 11:20 a.m. and 12:45 p.m. I had been doing my chores in the bedroom with the chrysalis all morning, but I left it unattended during lunch and it emerged. Ah, well. I sat with it for another hour or so while it let its wings dry. When it started moving I took it outside to release it. It stayed for a few moments on my crown of thorns. Then it flew away.
blutterfly emerges-7364

2 Responses to Butterfly Emerges

  • Julie says:

    Marvelous photos! And, you’ve coordinated the red on the lid with the red on the flowers! I can only imagine how you are liking the new power and settings of the camera. Jennifer D.’s, which came from your patch, also emerged yesterday, too.

  • Beautiful!!! And of course, the images are stunning.

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