Abundant Harvest

day's harvest-0516
Today marks my most varied (and abundant) harvest from the garden: a cantaloupe, an eggplant, an okra, a cucumber, and two kinds of tomatoes. Yum! The okra, eggplant, and tomatoes went into a side dish for lunch. How far we’ve come from the first seedlings .

day's harvest
Today’s other news is that Growing Patterns: Fibonacci Numbers in Nature is very nearly finished. I never think I’ll ever get to this point with a book, but I almost can’t bear to look at it one more time. (My editor reported dashing across to the other building on the Boyds Mills campus to write final changes into a final proof.) I know this feeling will pass. It is beautiful and I’m grateful for everyone who has helped it get to this point. Now, it’s time for it to be a book. Already. The seed for this book started germinating in February 2008 at an SCBWI/Southern Breeze conference.

4 Responses to Abundant Harvest

  • Patty says:

    what a great vegetable photo

  • Irene Latham says:

    The book is GORGEOUS! Veggies too. 🙂

  • Doraine says:

    Great perspective! And congratulations on the book. It’s just beautiful.

  • Julie says:

    I love the little house in the background of the veggies.

    When I went outside on Sunday to do some yard work, I started pulling up the cucumber vine that I thought had not produced anything. Lo and behold– a cucumber! So, we had a few tomatoes, 2 eggplants, 3 melons, a sunflower, a cucumber, and our prolific herbs as our harvest this year. Maybe more next year, but I’m so glad that we can supplement with the Farmer’s Market and Kroger!

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