Wedding Photographs


Here are some photographs Richard took during his sister’s wedding. Liz, who is much younger than Richard, married Jon last weekend in Auburn, Maine. We flew up for the wedding; it was great to meet Jon and his family and to see Richard’s Dad, who had flown in from England. Richard’s Mom, sister Sophie, neice Harriet, and aunt Mirella watched/interacted with the wedding from back in Melksham using a Skype connection.


These are two of Jon’s neices. Liz (then called Elizabeth) was the flower girl in Richard’s and my wedding. She told me on the day. “I’m going to be gorgeous.” And, she was. Just like these two.

Richard did not use a flash during the wedding. He set up the camera on a monopod (the tripod was too big for the suitcase) and used a lens that does well with an open f-stop.

The official photos were taken outside next to a pond. It was chilly out there — though the cold kept the ground hard enough that the bare patches weren’t muddy. Even in high heels, the women were able to stand near the water’s edge.




Here’s Liz with the quilt that I made for her and Jon. I posted a photograph of the blocks¬† during its construction here.

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