Morning Routine — Photo Friday Challenge


Richard took this photograph of me spreading lotion on my face. He used photoshop to create the textures. I like the way it turned out. You can see a hint of a duplicate image on the right side; this was created by the beveled edge of the mirror. What do you think of the technique?

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  • Dave says:

    It looks like the kind of posterization that we used to do in the darkroom by creating three different density negatives and exposing the positives one after another. The least exposed negatives passed the most light through, while denser exposures masked other portions of the positive. You could also use the technique with colored inks on silkscreens. Very tedious to do, but very satisfying when done.
    Photoshop takes all the drudgery out, but maybe some of the magic, too.
    Love, Dave

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