Photo Friday — Iconic

I reached back into the blog’s history to post my entry into this week’s photo friday challenge. Here’s a link to American Gothic. Let me know what you think about my mother’s photograph from about 35 years ago.

3 Responses to Photo Friday — Iconic

  • Dave says:

    I wonder if you have any personal memory of the taking of the photo. It was an important class assignment, and Patty was considerably agitated by the pressure–it was a fairly tense moment. I’m struck today by how perfectly it captured the essences of the three disparate personalities of those young girls: Emilye open, smiling and relaxed; you composed and focused; Jesse looking off camera at her something of interest only to her. It just occurred to me: maybe she was looking at me. Your mother always had a good eye and a way with people.

  • Irene Latham says:

    Hi Sarah! You are totally the kid in the middle. 🙂 One of 3 girls, huh? And don’t you have 3 boys? (I have 3 boys — ages 9, 12, 14) My youngest particularly has enjoyed Wolfsnail. Do you have bookplates? Or next time we meet I’ll have to get you to sign it for him. Good to hear from you, and I’ll be back!

  • admin says:

    Yes, Dad, I do have memories of that day. I remember we had to have our hair brushed for the occasion. I remember Jess having a hard time with that. I also remember the sheepskins — were they a prop for a shot that day or a different day?
    You got it, Irene, I am the kid in the middle. I would be happy to sign Wolfsnail next time I see you.

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