Daily Archives: October 5, 2008

Figure in Motion

I took this series of photographs of Douglas, my youngest son, so he could complete an assignment for his visual art class: draw a figure in motion. Douglas gets off the bus about 40 minutes before his older brothers. Most days we either play basketball in our driveway or walk down the street to our friend’s trampoline. On this day, I decided to take my camera along. (We already had a photo in the bag of me in mid-squat into a chair, but I thought we could get something a little more exciting.) I appear in a lot of my son’s art assignments; mostly because I am available. I guess they could say the same; they appear in a lot of my creative work.

Which one of the three do you think he chose to draw? I’ll see if he’ll let me scan his drawing to add to the blog.

I’ve been working hard on my presentation “Taking Pictures That Sell” for Writing and Illustrating for Kids ’08, the fall conference of SCBWI-Southern Breeze. It is Oct. 17-18 in Birmingham. I am putting together a slideshow to accompany my talk. It will include some photographs that participants sent for critique. I hope that presenting a live critique will generate some good discussion in the workshop.