Preparing for a school visit

Tomorrow I will be at my sons’ elementary school for my first school visit with Wolfsnail: A Backyard Predator. Tonight I will be hooking my iPod to my LCD projector to make sure everything is working. I’ll be checking my camera battery and my memory card.  I’ll also check my wolfsnail to make sure he’s wet and happy. When I got home from book group last night, I found two big slugs and three tiny snails. I fed the slugs to my wolfsnail and kept the smaller snails for show-and-tell tomorrow.

I imagine I’ll be handing my camera to my fourth grader to take some shots of his ole mom.

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing more marketing stuff; I have contacted three more bookstores in the Jackson metro area. I have one booking and two owners who have said they’ll put me on their schedules. The stores are very eager for special guests during summer reading season. I also learned this week that I’ll be returning to my hometown for school visits this summer.

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